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The First Look

Mar 9, 16 • FeaturedComments Off on The First Look

Weddings are slowly becoming less and less traditional — Brides and Grooms want to make their wedding their own. One tradition that has been changing is the Groom not seeing the Bride until she walks down the aisle.

Cue the “First Look”

First Look - Tara Welch Photography

I love traditions, but I also really love this new twist on the Groom seeing the Bride for the first time. The pictures are seriously so wonderfully sweet and it usually tends to calm the nerves of the Bride and Groom.

We still want that special moment, but taking all the pictures after the ceremony can sometimes be a hassle AND sometimes the Bride and Groom just want a little alone time in the midst of all the wedding day craziness.

Frist Look - Photo By Betsy


First look 2 -Photo by Betsy

Here are a few reasons I would recommend a first look:

1.  There are at least 10 hidden and romantic places on the grounds at Mercury Hall for your first look – aka: get ready for some beautiful photos.

2.  If you’re having a winter wedding, daylight is gone before you know it (and everyone wants their photos under the beautiful Mercury Hall oak trees), so a first look allows plenty of time before the ceremony for photos.

3.  You can have uninterrupted time with your significant other before all the guests get there and want to chat with you endlessly.

First Look - Nessa K Photography

Do you think you’ll join in on the First Look tradition?


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